Update user accounts in bulk
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When you a part of a larger organization, it is difficult to manage user accounts one by one. We have a few options to make it easier.

Bulk modify

The "Bulk Modify" button opens an interface where you can select one or multiple fields to update. This operation applies to the current list of user accounts. For example, you can select a project and then apply an update to all the participants of that project.


It is possible to update Role / Team / Office attribution with an import of such information from an external source. You may have this data in a corporate HR system.

Important notes:

  • Records are being matched by email address

  • Role / Team / Office must exist before the import

  • Unmatched records are ignored (no side effects)

With the populated Team / Roles / Office information, you can apply consistent policy-like settings. For example, select a role and with the "Bulk Modify" apply the desired time-tracking strategy to all individuals with this role.

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