Introduction to Buckets
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Buckets are used for comprehensive time spent reporting. There are two reporting options: by category and simple.

Buckets: reporting by categories

Reporting by categories allows slicing the total time spent between multiple categories. For example, costs analysis categories can be:

  • New Features

  • Existing Features

  • Internal Systems

  • Onboarding

  • Professional Services

  • Tech Debt

As you categorize items, Quantify will start suggesting a category for new items. Suggestions are scoped per bucket, or in other words, are based on the categorized items within the Bucket.

Buckets: simple reporting

Simple reporting uses JQL (Jira Query Language) to report time spent based on the items returned by the query.

Bucket Lifecycle

Each Bucket has a start date and end date. We recommend creating one bucket per calendar or fiscal year. This allows you to archive past reports in read-only mode for record-keeping purposes.

Similarly, every reporting period (month/quarter) can be closed to ensure that the reported numbers don't change.

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