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Kanban Board doesn't show all the tickets
Kanban Board doesn't show all the tickets
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In some cases, Quantify dashboard with Kanban metrics can be empty or lack some tickets that are expected to be present.

Below are a few things to check:

  • Check the board's JQL filter for additional conditions using fields like status or statusCategory.

    • Try to avoid filtering dates. For example, created or resolved.

  • Check subfilter, conditions with the resolution field often lead to missing data.

  • Make sure access permissions to the JQL filter are not overly strict

Some changes may take time to take effect. Reach out to support for additional help.

Please note, that these settings vary by the project type and board type. In the example below, we are using a classic software project and Kanban board.

This is how you can check the JQL filter.

1) Open board settings

Kanban board settings

2) Under general settings you will see the filter and JQL itself. Consider removing additional fields or moving them to the sub-filter.

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