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How to use Quantify browser extension?

The app captures the time a person spent in the browser with the ability to break it down by a website. When connected to a project management tool, like Atlassian Jira, it will use ticket pages opened in a browser to automatically assign browser time to it. Please note, time will be associated only with the tickets that are assigned to the same person.


How to start the timer?

Open ticket page in the browser. That's it!

What happens when I switch to another tab?

The timer will continue to clock.

How to stop the timer?

Simply close the tab with the ticket.

What if I have multiple ticket pages open?

In case there are multiple tickets open, time will be evenly distributed among them excluding tickets that were resolved.

Connecting to the Project Management Tool

Currently, we support Atlassian Jira only.

Once the extension has been installed it will ask you for the authorization where you can select the Jira instance you want to connect with.

Authentication with the Atlassian account

Data Privacy

Extension collects the following data:

  • Page URLs

  • Page Titles

  • User interaction with the browser

Extension doesn't collect:

  • Personally identifiable information

  • Contents of the pages

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